Personal Plans


SCP, SFTP and Rsync

Transfer files using SCP, SFTP or Rsync over SSH using any standard clients. We even allow you to manage SSH keys for secure, automated access.

Online Collaboration

With remote employees and people always on the move, our online collaboration allows your team to stay connected! Users can store, manage, edit and share their content all within their ADrive workspace.

Set Expiration Date on Shared Files

Unshare files on a set date! You now have the ability to set an expiration date for the files you share.

Password Protect Shared Files

Set a password on your publicly shared files or folders to prevent your files from being shared all over the web.

Online Cloud Storage up to 10TB or More!

Our Personal plan provides users with 100GB of online file storage and additional features to backup, share, edit and access your data from anywhere you have Internet access. Simply store your files in your ADrive account & access from any device, at any time.

Larger File Support

We've increased our upload, download and FTP file size limitations from 2GB to 16GB! Now you can store, manage, and share even larger files with ADrive!


Access your ADrive files with any FTP client. You can use AUTH TLS to transfer files securely.

Increased Security

Your data is safe when you transfer files to and from the ADrive cloud. We provide SSL data encryption for all Premium users. SSL is a cryptographic protocol that provides secure communication over the Internet for data transfers. Basically, your data is encrypted as it is being uploaded to or downloaded from your ADrive account.

File History Recovery

Have you ever saved over an original file and wished you could retrieve that file? With our file history feature, you can view previous versions of your files utilizing snapshot technology. Every Sunday at 12:01 AM (GMT -7) we take a snapshot of your files and keep them secure until the following Sunday when we repeat the process. In addition to the weekly snapshot we also take a nightly backup of your files, which we keep for 2 days. So whether you need to recover from a mistake you made yesterday or earlier this week we have the backup files you need.

Folder/Directory Upload

Upload complete directories or folders to your ADrive account. Maximum upload size is now 16GB!


WebDAV is now available. You can conveniently map your ADrive account directly to your computer without having to sign in to our web interface to manage, upload, or download your files. Any files you manage using WebDAV will also be accessible when using our web interface.

Multiple Concurrent Sessions

All Premium plans can have up to 10 signed-in sessions at one time. This allows users to upload in one web browser session and manage files in another.

24/7 Technical Phone & Email Support

Our ADrive Support Team is here to assist our Premium users with 24/7 phone and email support in addition to our basic forum support.

No 3rd Party Ads

No advertisements on the file manager. No advertisements on your public download pages. No advertisements when downloading other publicly shared files. ADrive Premium users enjoy a completely ad-free experience for hassle-free file sharing in a professional environment or with family and friends.

Anytime Access to Your Data, Wherever You Are

Conveniently access your ADrive files at any time, from wherever you are. Simply log in to your ADrive account through any device to store, share or edit your files online. All you need is access to the Internet!

Share Large Files Online

No more emailing large attachments! With our File Sharing feature a unique link is created for the file you wish to share. You can also have an email sent directly from your ADrive account. The unique link to your shared file will be included in the email. Share and unshare files as you wish!

Edit Your Documents Online

We utilize Zoho® technology with our cloud services to allow users to edit their word processing documents, spreadsheets and presentations online. You can open, edit, and save your documents all from within your ADrive account.

Remote File Transfer

Now you can instantly transfer files from external websites to your ADrive account remotely. Once stored in your account, the file can be downloaded or shared.

Easy Search Tool

Having trouble locating a specific file? Use our convenient search tool to find your exact file without browsing through each directory or folder.

International Character Support

ADrive supports international characters in file names making our service convenient for our international users.

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