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ADrive Enterprise™ Cloud Storage liberates your datacenter and system administrators from the costs and tasks associated with operating your own production storage systems. Our expert storage-focused teams build best-of-breed solutions with proven technology from today's leading datacenter, storage and network manufacturers. We guarantee 99.9% uptime by deploying enterprise-class storage systems from NetApp®, hosted in Tier IV datacenters with multiple redundant service providers. Our top of the line storage systems are designed without any single points of failure. We guarantee your business applications are always up and running, and we continue to serve your data even during simultaneous failures of storage controllers, disk drives, network, power and cooling systems.

Secured with VPN Encryption.

We connect to your offices or datacenters via optionally redundant VPN connections to ensure uptime. By leveraging your existing firewall technology, ADrive Enterprise is available for immediate integration into your existing infrastructure. Establish a secure VPN connection to one of our sites, and using IPSEC VPN we provide end-to-end encryption of your data as it is accessed. Once connected, you have access to your private, remote LAN at ADrive Enterprise's site. Different VPN topologies can be implemented, such as GRE tunnels and Remote Access tunnels, to increase the flexibility for custom solutions. Using multiple bandwidth providers, we assure accessibility and minimal service interruptions to your dedicated VPN tunnel. Available encryption options include 3DES, AES128, and AES256 based on the security level your business requires.

On-Demand Scalability.

With ADrive Enterprise Cloud Storage, you choose how you access your storage. We provide file system access protocols such as CIFS and NFS, or the block level protocols iSCSI and Fibre Channel. We also offer custom access via HTTP, FTP, or WebDAV for dedicated customers. It's simple to mount your server farm to various NFS mounts, or integrate CIFS with your existing Microsoft Active Directory Domain to provide remote Windows file shares. With the option to connect multiple office locations and datacenters to ADrive Enterprise, it's easy to centralize your storage and always know where your data is stored. With ADrive Enterprise's on-demand scalability, you can grow your storage capacity on the fly to keep your business competitive.

Optional Mirroring to Multiple Datacenters for Added Protection.

ADrive Enterprise Cloud Storage offers the option to mirror your data to geographically diverse locations. Get remote enterprise-level storage bundled with additional backups. Customize the level of redundancy for your backup site and the number of data copies necessary to keep your business protected. The level of redundancy provided with a Tier I datacenter is often sufficient enough for certain data sets. With the choice of Tier I up to Tier IV datacenters, we can accomodate both your budget, and your off-site backup requirements.

Connect other sites to your ADrive Enterprise Cloud to centralize your data and simultaneously mirror it to one or more destinations. In addition to providing backups and data protection, mirroring allows for read-only cache functionality as well as historic snapshotting. Cloud Storage with added data mirroring delivers an end-to-end, storage and backup solution for your growing business.

Solution Highlights

  • Secure VPN Connection
  • Supports Multiple Common Firewall Technologies
  • Redundant Connectivity Options
  • Mirror Your Data to Other Sites
  • Utilize Your Existing Infrastructure
  • Cost-Effective Solution
  • CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, FC (standard protocols)
  • HTTP, FTP, WebDAV (custom protocols)

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