ADrive Enterprise Solutions

ADrive OEM Solutions

ADrive™ is always looking to partner with manufacturers and suppliers of hard drives, flash memory and other storage devices. Bundling our online storage and backup service together with your product, we can provide an enhanced solution to expand your client reach.

Enhance Your Product.

Looking to offer more to your customers? Supplement your products with our online storage and backup service. ADrive partners with many companies to help expand their reach by enhancing their product offering.

Stay Competitive in Your Market.

Losing customers to the competition because they offer more? Be a stronger player in your market. Partner with ADrive to reach your goals quicker.

Partner with Experts.

There are many things to consider when looking for a partnership solution, so why choose ADrive? We are storage experts. Our services are designed, developed and supported by experts in the data storage industry.

ADrive Re-Branding Solutions

ADrive's Re-Branding Solution offers your organization a completely customizable online storage and backup system. Our team will develop a solution specific to your business needs.

Completely Customize ADrive.

From the website interface to storage capacity, you can customize the Re-Branding Solution. Unlike other online storage companies, your users would not share the same storage infrastructure as other users.

Securely Access Your Data.

Access to a user's secure storage space is granted through your company's customized website, a desktop backup client or via WebDAV, a mapped network drive.

Central Management & Seamless Integration.

The Re-Branding Solution provides an admin access to manage users and their allocated storage space. We will design a system that is scalable and integrates seamlessly with your organization's existing infrastructure.

Save Time, Schedule Your Backups.

With scheduled backups your IT department can focus on other important projects knowing that your employee's data is backed up automatically and recoverable at any time.

ADrive Co-Branding Solutions

ADrive's Co-Branding Solution is a cost-efficient storage and backup solution for your company. Our solution allows your users access to store, backup, edit, and retrieve their data from anywhere they have Internet access.

Customize Your Interface Design.

Upload your company's logo and modify the colors of the interface to maintain your corporate identity.

Securely Access Your Data.

Your employees can access their secure storage space using the customized website, a desktop backup client, or via WebDAV, a mapped network drive.

Enhanced Features & Benefits for Your Users.

All of your users will have the enhanced features and benefits of a Premium ADrive account. Our desktop backup client is an additional feature to ensure that your company's data is safely backed up and recoverable.

Scales as Your Needs Grow.

As the number of users or the amount of storage increases within your company, we can scale your solution according to your needs.

Meet Your Budget.

Save on your internal IT costs. Let ADrive manage your data storage network.

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