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ADrive Enterprise Private Cloud Storage

ADrive Enterprise™ Private Cloud Storage is designed for customers who require enterprise level, low-latency, securely connected storage, without the technical hurdles and financial overhead associated with running their own storage systems. ADrive Enterprise provides all the benefits of on-site enterprise storage without the headaches of purchasing, provisioning, and maintaining your own storage system. Connect your office, multiple sites within your metro area, and your datacenter to our cloud in order to capitalize on your private, "near-site" storage. Using Tier IV datacenters we minimize data risk by leveraging 24 x 7 x 365 services such as armed guards, video monitoring, and biometrics to keep your data safe and secure.

A Secure, Dedicated, Private, Fiber Connection.

Working with local Dark Fiber providers, we negotiate a private fiber connection from your place of business to an ADrive Enterprise Cloud site local to your metro area. Our solution provides a secure, direct, low-latency connection to ADrive Enterprise without the added overheard and exposure of routing your data over the open Internet. By eliminating the ISP intermediary, a privately connected line means no routing glitches, oversubscribing, bandwidth congestion, eavesdropping, or cyber attacks.

Multiple Protocol Options Supported for Increased Flexibility.

Utilizing Gigabit (GbE), 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE), or Fibre Channel (FC) transport, we provide the most beneficial solution for your needs. By leveraging best in class data storage technologies such as NetApp®, we can guarantee uptime and availability for your mission-critical applications. As the storage needs of your business grows, we can automatically scale your storage capacity on-demand with zero downtime.

Whether you require a Storage Area Network (SAN), or Network-Attached Storage (NAS), we provide a robust solution to meet your business needs. Standard protocols supported include NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel, with add-on options for dedicated customers including HTTP, FTP, or WebDAV. The ability to access your storage using one or more protocols offers endless possibilities for convenient integration into your current infrastructure and provides unlimited growth potential for your business.

Optional Mirroring to Multiple Locations for Added Data Protection.

ADrive Enterprise Private Cloud Storage offers the option to mirror your data to geographically diverse locations. Get "near-site" enterprise-level storage bundled with additional backups. Customize the level of redundancy for your backup site and the number of data copies necessary to keep your business protected. The level of redundancy provided with a Tier I datacenter is often sufficient enough for certain data sets. With the choice of Tier I up to Tier IV datacenters, we can accomodate both your budget, and your off-site backup requirements.

Connect other sites to your ADrive Enterprise Private Cloud to centralize your data and simultaneously mirror it to one or more destinations. In addition to providing backups and data protection, mirroring allows for read-only cache functionality as well as historic snapshotting. Private Cloud Storage with added data mirroring delivers an end-to-end, storage and backup solution for your growing business.

Solution Highlights

  • Low-Latency Metro Fiber
  • Secure, Private, Direct Connection
  • Enterprise-Class Storage Systems (NetApp & More)
  • Connect Your Datacenter Directly To "Near-Site" Storage
  • GbE, 10 GbE, or FC
  • On-Demand Scalability
  • Optional Mirroring to Multiple Datacenters
  • CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, FC (standard protocols)
  • HTTP, FTP, WebDAV (custom protocols)

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