Business Accounts


Customize Your Cloud

Starting at 200GB, our Business Plans are completely customizable to meet your storage capacity requirements.

Transfer up to 16GB Files

Upload, download and FTP files up to 16GB! Store, manage & share large files with ADrive!

Secure File Transfer

Your data is safe when you transfer files to and from the ADrive cloud. We provide SSL data encryption for all Business Plans. SSL is a cryptographic protocol that provides secure communication over the Internet for data transfers.

Collaborate in the ADrive Cloud

With remote employees and everyone always on the move, ADrive keeps your team connected! Our Business Plans are designed to serve as an online workspace for companies and groups to store, manage, and share content simply and securely. Stay connected from anywhere, at any time.

Multi-User Account Access

With our Business Plans you can customize the number of users who can access your account. Create an account for your entire company or just one department.

Edit Your Documents Online

We utilize Zoho® technology to allow users to edit their word processing documents, spreadsheets and presentations online. You can open, edit, and save your documents all from within your ADrive account.

Simple & Secure File Sharing

Share your files directly from your ADrive account and avoid emailing those large attachments! You can now set expiration dates for your shared files.

Control Account Access & Set Storage Quotas

Manage Account Access

Each account has an admin-level user with permissions to grant and restrict user access as needed.

Set User Storage Quotas

Admin users can allocate the amount of storage each user can utilize. Users can also be granted unlimited storage up to the capacity of your Business Plan.

And More

View all of our Business Plan Features. Custom solutions are also available.

Getting Started with an ADrive Business Account

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